Zinneke Parade 2012

La Zinneke Parade est une parade biennale, contemporaine, urbaine, créative et artistique. C’est un projet social et artistique qui invite tout un chacun à développer sa créativité et à partager des imaginaires.
Le theme 2012 était “Désordre”.
C’est une opportunité parfaite pour des photos colorées et, parfois, touchantes.

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L’ensemble des photos :

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Et la série prise en 2010 :

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What is Zinneke?
Zinneke is a living city project!

Over a two-year period, Zinneke builds intense collaborations between residents, organisations, collectives, schools and artists from different neighbourhoods of Brussels and beyond. It’s a social and artistic project where people develop their creativity and explore imagination with others.

Zinneke wants to create a free zone for new and un-existing co-operations and encounters between amateurs and professionals, between generations, between social and cultural groups, between neighbourhoods and municipalities, between Brussels, Flemish and Walloon people.

The Zinneke Parade is a biennial, multicultural, contemporary, urban, creative and artistic parade, cherry on the cake of an intense collaboration between inhabitants, associations, schools and artists from the different neighbourhoods of Brussels.

Zinneke Parade as highlight!

Zinneke is a participatory creation, an open space for everyone to experiment with cooperative living in the 21st century city, a city inhabited by Zinnekes proud of their mixed roots. Above all, it’s a fantastic celebration in the city, unique and 100% human – without amplification or motors.

Why “Zinneke”?

Zinneke is the name Brussels people give to the small Senne/Zenne river that circles Brussels, protecting it against flooding. Zinneke is also used to refer to a stray dog or mutt… some of which end up in the river. And so we get Zinneke: meaning one of multiple origin and symbol of the cosmopolitan and multicultural nature of Brussels.

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