Why WordPress ?

Petite contribution personnelle dans l’article “Why WordPress ?” sur le site “WP Photographers“.
Ce site est dédié à l’utilisation par les photographes du CMS WordPress.

Le gestionnaire du site avait lancé un appel aux lecteurs leur demandant d’expliquer pourquoi ils utilisaient WordPress pour gérer leur site photo. J’avais envoyé une liste d’arguments et certains d’entre-eux ont été repris dans l’article.

Lire l’article … 

La liste complète d’arguments envoyée :

  • Having a own-managed WordPress web site allows to easily integrate multiple services used to store and publish our images. Thanks to the versatility and the installed base of WordPress multiple ways of integrating contents are available natively or via plug-ins.
    As a Flickr user I’m using plugins () to integrate my Flickr’s albums in WordPress.
    Same for my 500px account and for my Facebook publications (embed).
  • Integration with Social Networks
    Push new articles on WordPress to social networks
    I just have to publish a new article (post) on my WordPress site and the integration mechanism of WordPress is taking care of pushing it to my Facebook page, Tweeter, Google+, …
    Integrates new posts on Sociale Networks (Facebook, Twitter, …) on my WordPress site.
  • WordPress is extremely well supported by web hosting companies, even the cheap ones. Some of them are providing a one-click install of WordPress on your web space.
  • WordPress is robust, self-updateable and easy to backup and restore.
  • Statistics : Easy to understand statistics for the whole site and by articles (post).

In a nutshell, with WordPress it’s easy to set-up a central hub for my complete online presence.

A lire également l’article “MP #158 : nos conseils pour créer un blog / portfolio de photographe ?” sur le blog Phototrend.

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