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As you maybe know I’m a member of Viewfinders photography club of Brussels.

Each month a member of the club presents itself and his motivations for being a photographer in the club’s newsletter. In January 2021 that was my turn. So just click to discover a little bit who I am and why I taking pictures.

Meet Philippe Clabots – Viewfinders Newsletter Jan 2021 – Page 8

I am Philippe Clabots, from Brussels. I am married and
have two kids and, since mid-2018, one grand-daughter.
I’m a club member since Sept 2012 and an associate
committee member since 2018. I think I’m one of the few
club members who’s native from Brussels.
I used to travel for my job, spending nearly two days a week
in Paris for 10 years, but now I’m, as most of us, a
I’ve always been attracted by photography but my passion
started in 2007-2008. In 2009 I’ve bought my first digital
SLR, a Canon 50D. Since then I’ve moved to full-frame with
a Canon 6D and then a Canon 6D Mark II. I’m buying good
Canon EF lenses for more than 10 years now, from 14mm to
400mm, and I’m not keen to through them away. So my
next move will be one of the Canon full-frame mirrorless
Self-taught, I was formed thanks to readings, Facebook
groups, perseverance, the will to improve myself and
thousands of photos.
I am nevertheless convinced that the essential element of
this progression, or rather initiatory journey, is the
encounters I made during these years. Meetings with photographers, who will recognise themselves, but also,
since 2014, with the public during the exhibitions in which I
have the unceasing pleasure of participating.
Initially centred on opportunistic photography, depending
on my daily life or my travels, I am moving more and more
towards coherent sequences of images with the aim of
telling a story, transmitting an emotion or bearing witness
to a moment in life.
In 2018, we are four photographers to have set up the
« Bruxelles Pixels » collective, joined late 2019 by Hélène, a
famous VF member. We’re currently starting the
preparation of our 4th exhibition that will take place late

Newsletter Viewfinders – Jan 2021 – Page 8

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