Best lenses for Canon 6D

Article très intéressant de DXOMark reprenant les meilleurs objectifs à monter le Canon 6D.

In the lead up to Photokina 2012, Canon announced the new Canon EOS 6D full-frame entry-point model within days of Nikon publicizing their most-affordable full-frame camera to date, the 24-Mpix D600. While the EOS 6D boasted some attention grabbing features including built-in WiFi and GPS and slightly undercut the Nikon on price, it couldn’t match its rival in one or two key areas, namely the less populated AF system and lower resolution sensor.

Although on paper the 20-Mpix Canon EOS 6D has a lowly pixel count compared to cameras like the Nikon D600 andSony Alpha SLT-A99, our data shows that both the EOS 6D camera and the 22-Mpix Canon EOS 5D Mk III are able to match or exceed those cameras in sharpness when paired with the right lens.

The inspiration behind this series of articles is to highlight exactly which lens models are capable of achieving this, helping you to make sound choices, either when buying new, or when wanting to deliver images with maximal image quality. We’ve analyzed over 95 different full-frame models on the Canon EOS 6D ranging in focal length from 12mm to 600mm.

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